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My name is YAXA,

I am a mythical giant who serves as the traveler’s guardian and protector of the forest.

About YAXA Mosquito Nets

Backed up by a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of mosquito nets, YAXA® offers environmentally friendly, innovative protection at home and for your voyage. Each YAXA® mosquito net is produced in a unique process, minimizing waste and does not pollute the environment. YAXA® utilizes recycled materials when possible, incl. packaging from reclaimed rice bags. The people who produce YAXA® are paid fair wages, work in a safe, healthy environment. YAXA® opposes child labor of any kind. YAXA® – Your reliable traveler’s companion to safeguard you from mosquito-borne diseases. YAXA® uses WHO approved products – a high efficacy, multi-wash insecticidal mosquito net for the outdoor & travel market.